Arma3 Alpha released!
Written by widow.nl   
Friday, 15 March 2013

The long awaited Arma3 (Armed Assault 3) Alpha has been released by Bohemia Interactive a week ago, and it's a blast to say the least.
It's based on the Arma2 engine but the graphics are stunning, even on a PC with lower specs...
Arma3 is positioned 20 years ahead and therefor all weapons, equipment, vehicles, tanks , helicopters and jets are more futuristic then we are used to play with in Arma1 and Arma2. This is something the community needs to get used to, I'm sure there will be an modification eventually which will turn Arma3 into a game which is played in the precense but for now with the Alpha we have to deal with these highly modern weapons.
I've been playing Arma3 for 1,5 week now, and have no problem adjusting to these more futuristic weapon arsenal.

This Alpha will be followed by a Beta version in Q2 (probably summer 2013) of this year, in Q3 (end of summer 2013?) the final version will be released!

I have a couple of Arma2 lite keys for people who what to get a taste of Arma3 on their own PC for free, send me a message and I'll send you a key. It must be activated though Steam.

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Arma-Wargames alive and kicking!
Written by widow.nl   
Saturday, 10 November 2012

Arma-Wargames still going strong in it's fourth campaign already... player-numbers are even growing, admins are doing a great job giving us each week another part of Chernarus to fight over. Check out this video greatly put together that covers most aspects of the tournament!

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Arma-Wargames replaces Charlie Foxtrot
Written by widow.nl   
Friday, 13 January 2012

Almost two years now I play weekly in one of Arma2's biggest and greates tournaments around, called Charlie Foxtrot. You cab view my many video's on my Youtube channel going back for almost 1,5 year about this great Armed Assault 2 tournament.
A week ago the founders of the tournamen pulled the plug and pretty all of the sudded many guys had to spend their sunday evening (not even to mention all the other days we did trainging and planning) sitting with the wife/girlfriend on the couch...
A few dedicated guys stood up and took the oppertunity to give this great community a new tournament, it's called ARMA-WARGAMES.
Allot of guys from the old tournament already singed-up, and guys who left somewhere along the road have signed-up again... Arma-Wargames is alive baby!

If you are interested in playing large scale Player vs Player battles in ArmA2 (Armed Assault 2), this is the place to be. Take a look at their website and forums. Sign up and come have fun with us!

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Charlie Foxtrot Campaign 7 ended
Written by widow.nl   
Tuesday, 03 May 2011

Charlie Foxtrot Campaign 7 lies behind us, last sunday we played the final battle and resulted in a win for RSi. I made some video's about this campaign which can be found on my Youtube channel. It was a hard fought campaign, SI started the campaign off with some brutal wins over us, most of the time outnumbered by RSi. In the end RSi won some important battles resulting in a score of RSi 566 and SI 561. Once scorecycle difference!

Watch my view of this battle via Youtube below (watch it in HD!)

You can join Charlie Foxtrot here.

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Quake II Tribute - 12,5 year anniversary!
Written by widow.nl   
Saturday, 09 April 2011

A long time ago (more then a decade) I played Quake II on-line quite fanatic and recorded allot of those matches. I was browsing through them lately and decided to make a short video about it as a tribute to this great game.

It's about 12,5 years ago and the graphics weren't that great back in the days so don't expect fireworks from that aspect.


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